Welcome Adventurer!

Here you will find a true record of the various goings-on, plans fruitful and barren, frequent successes and persistent failures, of the group of adventurers known at one time as The Merry Pranksters, even through two generations, as they slaughtered, politicked, connived and struggled their way across the lands of the Empire of the Old World.

The Players

Torus Lavarar, bounty hunter
Immolatus, bright wizard
Yuri Ilich Stubbindrikov, Kislevian mercenary
‘Grudgebringer’, dwarf pit fighter

Robert Lacy d’Aghuillam duCourt, Elven noble
Lucidius Lavarar, raconteur
Fatuus Fitzue, apprentice wizard
Alitl Flagelant, Dwarf warrior