About Headless Hollow

Who are you, what do you do, what the hell etc

I call myself Universal Head, I design for a living, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why Headless Hollow?

Liked the sound of it. And my company is called Universal Head: this being the non-company web home, it seemed appropriate. It also makes me think of the excellent Tim Burton film, Sleepy Hollow, hence the slightly gothic look to the whole thing.

Why all the reviews?

Being an avid film goer, book reader, board- and video- game player, I just can’t keep my opinions to myself.

You’re a designer! Why isn’t this the most incredible cutting-edge, pixel-perfect website I’ve ever seen?!

Sites like that, along with print, 3D and motion graphics, are at Universal Head, my design company. This place is fun. Well, a small subset of the definition of fun anyway.

You’re obsessed with games my friend. You need help.

Well, yes, I do love playing games. I don’t know about you but I reckon sitting around a table with a few beers, some corn chips, some friends and a good game is an excellent way to while away a few hours. You should try it—beats watching TV.

Who did that fantastic illustration on the front page?

Howard Pyle (1853–1911), a reknowned American illustrator. “So the Treasure Was Divided”, 1905, Harper’s Monthly. I purchased usage of it from a Dover CD-Rom book of pirate clip art.

That quote below the masthead! It’s on the tip of my tongue …

Ben Hur. Quintus Arius to the galley slaves.

So the picture is about pirates dividing treasure, and the quote’s about Roman galley slaves …?

Hey! It’s my site, alright?

Your blog layout looks a little bit familiar …

Headless Hollow started way back in 2004 on Blogger, using a template called Scribe by the very talented Todd Dominey. I soon I moved the blog to my own server and converted it to Movable Type, changing all the graphics and a lot of the code, In 2010, I hanged to WordPress, and hung my graphics and stylingon the Notepad theme by N.Design.

Can I use your graphics on my website?

Not as a rule, no. I made them, why not make your own?

How do I get in contact with you?

Use email link or write to me below.

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