I’m outta here

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No updates for a couple of weeks folks—I’m off to Heron Island for a holiday, and I don’t intend to come within a bull’s roar of the internet, but instead commune with fishes under the sea on the Great Barrier Reef and relax until my head falls off and my body melts into the sand. More Headless Hollow fun when I return, hopefully fully refreshed and revitalised!

New stuff on the ’Hollow


You may have already noticed, but Headless Hollow is beginning to finally develop into the blog I always wanted it to be. Finally, the Photos section is up and running, and I’ll be posting new pictures there everytime I feel like procrastinating my work (which is quite a lot). Also, look to your left and you’ll see a link to a new Freebie page chock-full of professionally designed reference sheets for your favourite boardgames. Granted, you may not play boardgames as a rule, but those of you who do are excited right now I bet!

Have a good one

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To all my readers, the very happiest and healthiest of Christmases. Thanks for visiting—and I hope you continue to find my little blog of interest in the coming year.

This Blog is a Mess!

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What? New pages with nothing in them? Different layouts? What’s happening to my beloved Headless Hollow? I know, I know. I’m going through some changes here. Sit back and enjoy the sight of a blog in transition, changing before your very eyes … All for you, my pretties, mwha ahaa …

We’re Coming Back …


I know, I know, there are problems … but bear with me a little longer while it’s messy around here as I bring the old style back. Installing Movable Type was quick and easy—because I paid them to do it; it’s the restyling with new tags that’s a little tricky. If by some chance you, like me, need to transfer your blog content from Blogger to Movable Type, you will need this essential tutorial, plus this note on saving comments.

Headless Hollow is here to stay, kids.

We’re Going Down …

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Oh no! How will you get by without your regular dose of Headless Hollow!?

Never fear, they’ll just be some confusion for a few days as we upgrade this whole blog to Movable Type. I’m having it installed so who know what madness will result. Stay tuned for a better, bigger, feature-packed headless Hollow in the coming weeks!

Thank for visiting …

Influence Millions! (Well, Two or Three …)


I’ve been thinking, in the occasional moment I have to spare when I’m not working, about this blog. It’s actually the site I most enjoy updating, despite the fact that probably about three people read it and I get virtually no feedback. I would like to develop it a bit further, so I plan to try and tunnel my way through the mountain of learning Movable Type when work eases off a bit, so I can add some more functionality to this site.

So I ask, my very small and select audience, what would you like to see on Headless Hollow? What kind of content would make you coming back to check a blog for updates every couple of days? Now’s your chance to influence a little corner of the web—from your thoughts to my graphic designing and coding hands …

Share the Love


You can now email your nearest and dearest your favourite posts from Headless Hollow by clicking the little envelope icon at the end of each post. Go ahead, make their day.

Fame at Last!

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This morning Headless Hollow has been mentioned on Todd Dominey’s What Do I Know site. Since he designed the original Blogger template for this site and I have a great deal of respect for his work, this is exciting news. Thanks Todd!

In the coming weeks I’ll be adding some new sections to this site, including free downloads eg. a nicely designed Filemaker database system for databasing your CDs, books, software and hardware which overly organised people like me should enjoy. (Sad? Well yeah, a bit, but then you’ll have the last laugh when the house burns down and the insurance people try to question your claim!). If you like what you see and read, bookmark Headless Hollow and come back now and again. I’ll endeavour to give you something interesting with which to pass the time while enjoying your coffee.

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