Love Without Hope

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Love Without Hope. That’s the title of a new blog by a friend of mine. She’s new to the blog game, go and give her some encouragement. Then again, how about giving me some encouragement?? (More coming soon, I’m working like a madman lately.)

Phoebe from Cassini

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Saturn’s moon Phoebe as seen from Cassini. More information and photos.

Joke of the day …

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A guy drives into a service station with two penguins in the back of his car. The service station attendant says to the guy “what are you doing with those two penguins in the back of your car?” The guy answers “I don’t know what to do with them.” The attendant says “well, why don’t you take them to the zoo?” The guy says “that’s a good idea, I’ll do that.”

Next week the guy drives back into the service station with the two penguins still in the back of his car. The attendant says “didn’t you take those two penguins to the zoo?” The guy answers “yeah, they really enjoyed themselves. Today we’re going to the beach.”


Welcome …


ChampagneWhat the world needs now is another blog… ahh, here’s one. If you’re a designer, you might enjoy it. If you like movies, music, art, books, writing, travel… well you might find it occasionally interesting too. There’s nothing too personal here, and hopefully nothing too boring either. If you like, leave comments about posts using the ‘Comments’ links.

Talking about launching… the practice of breaking a bottle of wine over a ship’s bow was introduced by the British navy in the late 17th century as a cost saving measure. Previously the ships were baptized with a ‘standing cup’ of precious metal, which was then promptly thrown overboard. The rapid production of ships during the height of the British Empire put an end to that.

Quote of the day


A committee is a dark alley down which bright ideas are lured and silently murdered.

Drum kit

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