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ChampagneWhat the world needs now is another blog… ahh, here’s one. If you’re a designer, you might enjoy it. If you like movies, music, art, books, writing, travel… well you might find it occasionally interesting too. There’s nothing too personal here, and hopefully nothing too boring either. If you like, leave comments about posts using the ‘Comments’ links.

Talking about launching… the practice of breaking a bottle of wine over a ship’s bow was introduced by the British navy in the late 17th century as a cost saving measure. Previously the ships were baptized with a ‘standing cup’ of precious metal, which was then promptly thrown overboard. The rapid production of ships during the height of the British Empire put an end to that.


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Meadow of the Damned
White Ninja
Brad’s Somber Mood

Film review: The Cooler review

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A wonderful, warm fable of a movie that was the perfect antidote to the sugar-coated derivative bloat of Van Helsing. From the moment Mark Isham’s score kicked in I knew I was in for a quality, old-fashioned movie. And what a change to have realistic, human sex scenes—with real bodies not models—in a movie.

4 and a half chips out of 5.

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A committee is a dark alley down which bright ideas are lured and silently murdered.

Modern life is rubbish


According to the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, between 1996 and 2003 house prices in Sydney rose by 100 per cent while average weekly earnings grew by just 3.6 per cent a year.

Some other sites I really should mention …

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My personal site features travel diaries from trips all over the globe. The most recent is Turkey but there are writings and photos from North and South America, Egypt and India as well.


Tékumel: The World of the Petal Throne
The huge official site for Tékumel, an imaginary world that is the life’s work of an American linguistics Professor, M.A.R. Barker – and easily the match for Tolkein’s Middle-Earth in detail.


The Telltales
Site for independent Sydney band The Telltales features pics, music and movies. A successful debut CD is out there and the second is close to completion.


Drum kit

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Nice work Mr Dominey …

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This site was built on a template provided by one of my favourite online designers, Todd Dominey. As the site expands I’ll be personalising and changing the design—already the only things remaining from the original template are the basic layout, the typography, and of course the overall inspiration of an old book.

UniversalHead.com Updated

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The latest update for www.universalhead.com has recently been completed.

The redesign features a new colour scheme, along with Latest Work and Latest News features. Read what David Mulholland, manager of Jands (Australia’s audio, lighting and staging specialists), had to say about working with Universal Head on his company’s new site design at jands.com.au.

Cinema4DUser.com Up and Running

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Announcing a new Cinema4D website: www.cinema4duser.com !

Cinema4DUser is a new site that exists to provide you with only the best quality material and information about your favourite 3D software. That’s why you’ll only find professional-level resources: high resolution textures, high-quality models, images, animations, articles, tips and tutorials from 3D professionals.

Cinema4duser.com is now open and soliciting submissions and feedback from 3D professionals like you who use C4D. Have a look through the site and see what you can contribute. With the help of the global C4D community we can make this site one of the premiere C4D sites on the web.

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