Ebay addiction

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A friend and I are both currently in the grip of eBay addiction. There was a time not so long ago when I scoffed at his watch lists and sniper bidding and coming in to work at odd hours to check upcoming auctions … and then I caught the bug. Isn’t there an eBay Anonymous or something? My only solace is that I’m hooked on one type of purchase (old games from my teens/early 20s years I’d sold back then and am now getting back for the nostalgia/collecting factor) and there’s a finite number of things to buy.

Something Fred said in an episode of ‘Angel’ the other night made me realise there were many others out there like me. She’s asked to check eBay to find something and replies in a panic: “No eBay! After the commorative plate incident I’m living clean.” So there’s hope you can kick the habit. Now excuse me, but I have to go check my watch list.

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