Crazy life …


Right now, I’m trying to get my head around understanding which tag is which in Movable Type so I can work out how to format this blog to my satisfaction. For a non-programmer like me this is, as usual, like fighting a giant octopus in a vat of slowly congealing treacle.

I’m also working on print ads, web banners, computer game packaging, websites, mapping artwork and a corporate identity.

In between I’m trying to get the CD artwork finished for my band The Telltales so I can send the golden master CD and the artwork off for the printing and duplication of our second CD release.

I’m also rehearsing with the band, playing squash on Wednesday nights, thinking about revamping my business site at Universal Head, occasionally creating reference sheets for my huge collection of boardgames, wanting to start scuba diving on weekends again, spending time with my wonderful girlfriend, sneaking in a frustrating hour on the xBox now and again playing Thief, updating my Cinema4D resource site, determined to find the time to write a story for the writing club I’m in which meets in a couple of weeks, reading the last book in the incredible ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy by Philip Pullman, trying to save a few bucks, watching Lost in Space Season One and planning to get Sleepy Hollow on DVD, and beginning to think about this year’s Christmas card design for my business.
Sometimes I think I purposely give myself too much to do …


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  1. Gordo-roo
    Nov 17, 2004 @ 12:28:00

    Hmmm….I think anything you do that involves exercise or sex is a priority. If you can acoomplish both, you are multitasking. This is good.
    All of what you want to do is important. Not unlike myself ( who is STILL struggling to launch a site update for my own business ) you have lots of great things to do. The band needs you…you have committed to them. The scuba diving sounds like a pile of fun and you have visited with the fish for a while. The XBOX….well unless you are playing Halo 2 (which is pretty good) put that aside for now. Scuba is better for you. The Cinema 4D site, can it wait another month or two?
    Peter, you and I are more like one another everyday. Thats why I love to read your entries here. If it were me (and bear in mind that its cold here now and my brain does freeze on occassion) focus on;
    – Stuff you can do with your pretty lady
    – Do the band thing and get that caught up
    – Exercise on Wed.
    – Write a story for the Writing club based on your trip to Spokane
    – say the hell with the Christmas card…call your clients and friend on your cell phone while driving to the scuba bottle refill centre.
    Now see how easy that was!
    Cheers Mate…don’t forget to sleep.

  2. UniversaHead
    Nov 17, 2004 @ 12:55:26

    Mmm … Halo 2 ….
    Good advice Gordo!