Firefox 1.0 Released

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FirefoxIf you’re a Mac user, you’re using Safari. If you’re a PC user, you’re using Firefox.

Ahh, wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place for us web designers if that were true? Firefox 1.0 is finally out and to the great pleasure of designers and coders who have to cater to the insane niggardly vagaries of the old, buggy and frankly crap Internet Explorer, it’s gaining momentum. If there’s proof to be found about how crap Microsoft is, it’s in the way they worked so hard to grab the monopoly in the so-called Browser Wars and then, once they had it, allowed Explorer to languish without improvement for years. Tell them where to stick it! Use a fast, efficient, standard-compliant browser and vastly improve your internet experience! Make life easier for me! Viva la Safari! Viva la Firefox!

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