For the love of [insert preferred deity here], vote


I certainly can’t recall a more important election for America and the world. If you’re American and reading this, please vote. And—while far be it from me to impose my political and social beliefs on your—oh bugger it, just do the right thing and vote for Kerry willya? No one could possibly be worse than the idiot in the White House right now.

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  1. Bill
    Nov 02, 2004 @ 23:09:16

    I don’t know – are you sure Kerry’s any better?
    “Don’t blame me – I voted for Keyes”

  2. UniversalHead
    Nov 03, 2004 @ 08:45:27

    Given the choices, and accepting that no one can really be sure, yeah. But of course any political discussion is right up there with religious debate; people are rarely convinced to change their opinion.

    I think us non-Americans tend to be taken aback by the evangelical nature of US political party supporters and campaigns – we’re a bit more low-key here in Australia. I’m not naive enough to think someone is going to come along and solve all of the problems. But without beating a drum about it, after seeing the bumbling, corrupt, devisive, fundamentalist, simplistic nature of Bush’s presidency over the past four years, give me a man any day who understands that the world and everything in it can’t be simplistically divided into black and white, good and evil. I think it’s that kind of attitude from people and nations that’s got the world into the trouble it is in right now.

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂