The Telltales new CD released


After a year of hard work, my band The Telltales has just released its new CD, Haymaking. Let me assure you the term ‘difficult second album’ is not just a rock and roll cliché. But the beast is finally loose, and we’re all very proud of the results. And as the humble drummer, I can personally say I’m proud, after 20-plus years of playing music, to be in a band that has released a second album.

We have a website at where you can find out all about the band, download some songs, and most importantly, link to where you can buy the CD online. Or even better, just walk into your local music store (if you live in Australia that is) and order a copy. Every sale guaranteed to advance the cause of independent Australian music!

The Incredibles

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  1. anaglyph
    Jan 14, 2005 @ 16:36:09

    Hey, nice cover. Brueghel would be proud. That font style looks oddly familiar…
    Congratulations on the release. When’s the fancy shmancy launch party with the semi-clad dancing girls and plates of sushi?

  2. Universal Head
    Jan 14, 2005 @ 17:35:08

    Yes … I’ve been a bit obsessed by that Gulliver’s Travels font lately …
    At the moment we’re rehearsing for a few warm-up gigs, and then we’ll get around to a launch party. As much as I’d love to promise dancing girls and sushi, you may have to settle for buying beers at the bar. You of all people know how much a CD costs to make these days!
    Unless of course there’s any record execs out there willing to foot the bill. Don’t forget baths full of champagne and snorting coke off supermodels!

  3. anaglyph
    Jan 17, 2005 @ 07:33:38

    Hey Pete: You of all people know that it’s not about the music. It’s about the sushi and the dancing girls. How else do we explain the last three decades of radio play?