Meet the new Pope, same as the old Pope


Let me see … European? Check. Doddering old man? Check. Thinks gay people have a ‘condition’ (euphemism for they’ll burn in Hell everlasting)? Check. Would see women as priests over his dead body? Check. Wrote to priests in the US telling them not to vote for the Catholic John Kerry because of his stand on abortion? Check. Rejects the marriage of priests? Check. Rejects all other forms of religion as deficient (even other Christian ones)? Check.

Hmmm … welcome to a new era of tolerance, humility, Christian values—oh, and and millions more dying in Africa because Catholic priests teach condoms cause AIDS, rampant overpopulation in Latin America due to lack of birth control, no freedom of choice for women, the covering up of child abuse … Chosen by God? Chosen by a pack of conservative old men desperately hanging onto their power more likely. Wake up world!

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  1. Annie
    Apr 21, 2005 @ 14:10:42

    The part which stuns me is how much power they have. If you thought the papacy was out of style, check out the people power at the funeral!

  2. Annie
    Apr 21, 2005 @ 14:12:03

    And they weren’t just there to see the frescoes!