Casual theft


I have a suspicion I left my car open last night, because this morning some bastard(s) had seized on my momentary lapse of vigilance by breaking into it, thankfully without damage, and stealing a wallet with about twenty CDs in it. We heard a group of people in the early hours outside our house—pissed and walking down a side street at four in the morning on a Thursday—so I suspect it was them. Apart from the gob-smacking shittiness of stealing in general—what, were they checking every car as they walked home?—I am most amazed by the fact they took the time to make some musical choices. Or perhaps it was because the wallet full of CDs was such a convenient pocket size, because they left behind four other CDs in cases—The Doves, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Tori Amos and Coldplay.

Lessons from this experience? 1. Never leave CDs in car. 2. iTune all my CDs (thankfully I have most of them in digital form). 3. Set up things with an iPod so I never have to use CDs again and 4. Never forget to lock my car (it must have been the first time in twenty years dammit). I completely fail to understand how the mind works of the person who is this morning playing my CDs, probably unburdened by the smallest twinge of conscience. It’s times like this I really hope that the whole karma thing works.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anaglyph
    Jul 04, 2005 @ 09:03:00

    Re karma: don’t kid yourself Pete. Unless you consider that the life of the thief is probably in general a great deal shittier than yours…

  2. will
    Jul 07, 2005 @ 16:01:59

    …and don’t leave your iPod in the car.

  3. UniversalHead
    Jul 07, 2005 @ 16:07:33

    Yes – luckily an iPod’s a damn site more portable than 20 CDs.