Get diverted—then talk about it

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A friend of mine has always wanted me to add the ability to make comments on items in my Diversions list—well Mr Miller, I had an idle moment late at night and now you have your wish. Bear with me while I fine tune the templates that go with this deceptively complex addition to the Hollow. No doubt I have now opened the floodgates to spam galore!

PS Click the little little number link to view or add comments.

PPS By the way, this is as good a place as any to reveal there’s little personal effort involved in snaring these online diversionary nuggets. They’re supplied by friends, stolen from blogs often more interesting than mine (eg Boing Boing) and occasionally stumbled upon by yours truly. But you knew that, didn’t you?

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  1. anaglyph
    Aug 24, 2005 @ 07:04:07

    Little personal effort perhaps, but often lots of potential discussion, so i’m glad you did it.