Mighty-ish Mouse


Mighty Mouse

I just got my new Apple Mighty Mouse this morning, and while it still isn’t the perfect mouse, I like it. But then I don’t have to use it continually; my favoured input device is a Wacom pen and tablet.

Highlights: lovely sensitive little scrollball that scrolls in all directions; great clicking action; two buttons—at long last; smooth, simple design.

Lowlights: hard to press double side button action (who thought that was a good idea?); still wired.

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  1. anaglyph
    Sep 02, 2005 @ 18:50:43

    Y’know, I just can’t latch onto it. Apple seems to have an unparalleled skill at not getting it right with mouses/mice (whatever the damn plural is). I still think the Kensington multi-button one is the best, and even that’s not perfect.

  2. UniversalHead
    Sep 02, 2005 @ 19:08:20

    Gotta tell you though, this little scrollball is great. It has a little speaker inside that makes a little tick-tick-tick sound as it rolls.

  3. SpookyJoe
    Sep 04, 2005 @ 18:35:09

    Wow! A Mac mouse with more than one button. What will they think of next! So brilliant, so original!(makes that snorting, back of the throat laughing sound). Next thing you know they’ll be telling me that macs will be basing their future processing cores on Pentium based technology…oh wait a minute.

  4. UniversalHead
    Sep 04, 2005 @ 22:51:00

    Let’s have a Mac versus PC debate! That’ll be a lot of fun! We’ll probably both convince each other to abandon the thousands of dollars we’ve spent on our respective computer gear and switch … oh wait a minute.