Happy Xmas

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  1. David
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 11:04:02

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the reference doc they have made it very easy to introduce board games to many of my friends. I am a freak i have kept track of every game I have played from age 15 to now. I know live in Spokane, wa and have a great shop to look at new boardgames which is great because in Montana it is all done over the net but I like talking to people in person and seeing there reactions to the games they like or dislike. Again thanks for your work it is making it easy for newbies to play new board games. It all ways blows my mind when people don’t know that there are board games out there other than Monopoly,risk,life, and the rest of the best sellers at the local Wal-Mart. I have been working on a sheet for Railroad Tycoon so if you get that game let me know and you can maybe help me improve my reference sheet your are top of the line. I have told a lot of local gamers about your site and they have all told me it is one of their favorites just below the Geek!!!!
    Thanks again.

  2. Universal Head
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 11:23:31

    Thanks very much David!
    I’ve had a few days kicking around the house so I’ve been updating all the sheets to their latest versions and getting everything up to date – so check through and see if any of your favourites have been updated.
    I’ve been to Spokane actually – I visited the HQ of Cyan when I was working on the websites for Myst 3 and RealMyst, the computer games. Nice little town, though most of my memories are of being snowbound in an isolated hotel redoing the Flash coding I had accidently trashed in San Francisco. Argh!
    Good gaming and thanks for writing!