Headless Hollow Boardgame Reference Sheets Update

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New additions to my Boardgame Reference Sheets page might sometimes go unnoticed, so I’ll be announcing updates occasionally here on the front page for you gamers out there:

AT43After a year’s break, finally a big update to my AT-43 cards with the addition of the COG and ONI armies. Those of you who play this great miniatures game, be sure to check out these files. I also took the opportunity to add cards for support teams, and updated the token sets, so the AT-43 set should now be complete.

Arkham HorrorThe Arkham Horror summary and reference set has also been updated—Fantasy Flight Games keeps releasing the expansions, I kept updating my reference sheets. Until the new Lurker at the Threshold expansion comes out, this is now completely up to date.

Memoir44Another big update completed recently was for good ol’ Memoir ’44. I finally redesigned these sheets from scratch with a new layout and the latest expansions.

WFRP3The new version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is out, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. My comprehensive rules summary and reference sheet ‘pack’ should help you keep track of all those strange new rules with ease, and let you concentrate on the storytelling.

RunewarsRunewars is a brand new ‘big box’ game from Fantasy Flight Games, and I have the rules summary and reference sheets ready, hot on the heels of the release. Enjoy!

Good gaming!

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