No Junk


If there’s one thing I hate it’s junk mail. Why society hasn’t passed a law forever banning all this waste of paper and resources is a complete mystery to me, but in the meantime, wads of paper litter our street and our mailboxes. In the interest of reducing the flood, here’s my new No Junk Mail sign. Click on the image for a large version you can print, laminate and stick on your mailbox!

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  1. PM Geuze
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 07:04:31

    Because we as a society still fund a postal service that needs three pieces of ‘junk mail’ to make up for each piece of 1st class mail that is now transmitted on email. But since the USPS is still head in sand like the music industry and Blockbusters on the use of technology.

    Anyway great sticker, and thanks for all the great game aids…

  2. Ratimir
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 00:27:04

    I wholeheartedly agree that junk mail is a problem, but disagree with your solution. Rather than banning junk mail outright, I believe that we should simply reverse the default position. i.e. Instead of everybody getting junk mail unless they have a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker, nobody should get junk mail unless they have a ‘Junk Mail Please’ sticker. This way everyone wins: the few people who actually want junk mail still get it, the advertisers still reach the few people that aren’t just throwing it all in the bin, the environmentalists are (while not completely satisfied) happy to see a reduction in wasted resources, and its the people who cause the problems who will actually have to pay for the stickers, not the people who are trying to stop them.

    The key point is that there are clearly enough people out there who ARE interested that the advertisers are still making a profit. Otherwise they would have stopped long ago. What we need to do is put the advertisers in touch with the advertisees withour bothering the rest of us.

    Incidentally, the same goes for spammers and cold-calling telemarketers. The whole idea of a ‘do not call’ registry is approaching the problem from the wrong side.