Thoumont’s Rare Tomes and Components



Way back in 2005, I started chatting with the very talented Denny Unger of WorldWorks Games about his line of beautiful paper terrain sets. There are a few companies making these now, but Denny was one of the first and is without any doubt the best. The amount of work and care and attention to detail that he and his team put into creating paper scenery for games is astounding, and it’s a source of continual amazement to me that a large games company has not yet seen the potential for exploiting his company and snapped it up.

Anyway, I got excited about making game scenery and started on what seemed a simple ‘first’ set—a fantasy building that could be both a themed ‘wizard’s supply shop’ and a generic building. Little did I know how much work would be involved! Several years and hundreds of hours later, it has finally been released for purchase—ladies and gentlemen, may I present Thoumont’s Rare Tomes and Components.

It may not look too ambitious, but you’d be amazed how much work goes into something like this; one of the reasons I’m so in awe of the work that Denny and his team regularly churns out. Just try creating one side of a detailed bookcase and see how long it takes!

Eventually, other things (like my design business) took up too much of my time and it looked like Thoumont’s would never get off my hard drive. Thankfully, Bob Cooper of WorldWorks stepped in, added the finishing touches, and created the instructions documents; and Thoumont’s has finally, after a lengthy and painful labour, come into the world.

If you play fantasy games with miniatures, go check it out. I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to purchase. And while you’re there, be sure to browse through the incredible products that WorldWorks have created, including their print-and-play spaceship combat game, Wormhole.