Vintage Boardgames


Vintage Games

Back in the 50s to the 80s, when mainstream toy companies actually made games and didn’t just churn out re-licenced versions of Monopoly, it was a wonderful time when games had fantastic themes, lots of ‘bits’, and dripped with originality and invention. Well, those days are unfortunately long gone. Luckily, there are two ways to recapture those halcyon days of youth–you can explore the world of specialist boardgames, and you can turn to Ebay to get back some of those wonderful games that still hover on the edge of your childhood memories.

A great place to start is the ebay seller ‘space.dust’ and his UK-based Vintage Board Game Emporium. I’ve bought two games from Nick now–Thunder Road and Escape from Colditz–and not only is he a nice guy, but he has a wide range of old games, describes them in detail, and packs them with great care.

There’s nothing like re-discovering some old game that you owned as a child, or maybe just played when you visited a friend, or coveted through a shop window. Sure, you lose a bit of the magic when you discover that it wasn’t quite as great a game as you remember. But for enthusiasts like me, it’s still a great pleasure to snatch back these tangible slivers of childhood, and even break them out occasionally to play with friends of a similar vintage!

So go flip through the Vintage Board Game Emporium and see what memories come flooding back. Tell Nick that Universal Head sent you!