Boardgame Reference Sheets Update for November

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Some more updates on the Universal Head Boardgame Summary Sheets page:

Betrayal at House on the HillBetrayal at House on the Hill now has a completely revised, all-in-one game aid booklet that includes a rules summary, a set of character cards to put players in the mood, 3 versions of the Haunt Chart, and the revised and corrected Haunts plus the extra 20 Haunts offered online by the original designer (for a total of 70 unique Haunts!) All the Haunts have been painstakingly formatted to match the graphic style of the game. Note this is all for the original version of the game, not the revised version!

AztlanMy latest major boardgame graphic design job was Aztlan for Ares Games. Since War of the Ring is one of my favourite games, it was an honour to do the graphic design for Roberto di Meglio, not to mention work with illustrator Drew Baker of Ninjato fame again. The game, which is set in the mythological homeland of the ancient Mexican peoples, features simple but ingenious rules that I’ve summarised in this new sheet.

InfiltrationSet in FFG’s cyberpunk Android universe, Infiltration is a fast, fun, push-your-luck game about operatives breaking into a high-tech facility to steal data files. Hmmm… why don’t they just use the internet? Oh well, it’s a great little game and captures the theme well. New rules summary and reference sheet.

Finally, my sheet for Ninjato has had some minor rewording to make it clearer.


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